You just had a baby. You are elated and in love...and probably a bit exhausted as well. And your new little one? He is beautiful; an everyday miracle. A miracle of which you simply cannot take your eyes off. And as you gaze into his eyes, you are certain that you will remember the creases in his tiny palms, the delicate folds of his ears, the puckered lips, and the angelic softness of his skin.

As a "new" mom 4 times, I am fully aware of how fast those newborn moments pass us by. Like many photographers, my love of photographing newborns came when I had my own. I soon realized how fleeting those newborn days are and I wanted to document each tender moment and every soft touch; the pure innocence of my sweet babies. If you are like most new parents, the memories of those precious details will quickly fade, and you will find yourself longing the days of simple beauty that only a newborn can bring.

The grocery shopping, the laundry, and the house cleaning can wait. Because before you know it...your tiny, precious new baby will be walking. Then he will be off to kindergarten...he will start driving...he will be going off to college. And then he will have children of his own. And that will all happen in the blink of an eye.

Don't let these days of sweet innocence pass by...


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